RBCPC Preschool Craft Fair Crafter Interest List
2018 Event Dates:
Friday, October 19 from 9am-6pm
and Saturday, October 20 from 9am-1pm

THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION. This form will add you to our interest list only. You will only be contacted if space becomes available.

Other Info:
We secure over 60 professional crafters.
We strive to have the majority of our vendors selling handmade items. We accept very few retail vendors.
Booth fees are $75 plus 15% of total sales donated to RBCPC Preschool.
We do not collect tax. Crafters are responsible for including tax in their price.
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Important Information:
Upon review of the interest list, RBCPC Preschool will contact vendors for application submission. Each year we strive to include variety of items/vendors, we hope to have items that reflect current trends, favorite traditions and anything that would appeal to our customers. We work to minimize too many vendors that are selling the same type of item and are committed to making the craft fair successful for everyone! Please note that we contact potential vendors on a continual basis (until the fair begins in October) as vendor spaces may open up last minute.
If you are not contacted to participate in this year’s fair, please know it is not because your craft is lacking in any way. We always wish we could accept everyone!
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