Grise for Aphasia Leadership Application
Our mission:
Grise for Aphasia recognizes the lack of knowledge and attention that surrounds aphasia—a neurological language disorder harming speech production. Therefore, we plan to not only make an effort to increase engagement and interest in STEM on a general scope, but we aim to directly positively influence the aphasia population in conjunction with established organizations and industry-leading experts.

We are supporting those with aphasia through various projects, particularly with our current main initiative, the buddy system. Through this, we pair students with someone who has aphasia/their family for a period of time for you to meet with on a consistent basis. It's an insightful way for those with aphasia to gain support from you and have more fun social interactions during this time of large isolation for them (currently remote, but can be in-person once appropriate).

We may also produce tailored videos for people with aphasia in partnership with clinicians and aphasia organizations. As a baseline, we aim to raise awareness (through workshops, providing opportunities to get involved in the aphasia and STEM communities, etc.).

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Got questions/comments? Reach out to us:; Instagram: @grise.for.aphasia; Linktree for more info:
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Leadership Positions: General Descriptions
Events Coordinator: Create new, engaging events and contribute to the organization's current events. Reach out to other nonprofits and organizations to partner with and expand our network.

Lead Content Creator: (should have some knowledge in aphasia, psychology, biology, and/or another STEM field)
Create educational videos, lead/host Zoom meetings to provide insight and knowledge regarding aphasia and communication, and related activities to create content!

Lead Blog Writer and Editor: (prefer to have some knowledge in aphasia, psychology, biology, and/or another STEM field. Not completely necessary).
Write informative blogs for Grise for Aphasia! May have the opportunity to write the newsletters sent to subscribers.
May also include inspirational content, tips, advice for mental health, etc. Also, reach out to some students in order to reach this demographic with your work.

Chapter President: Establish a chapter and be the President at your school, among friends, community centers, book clubs, or simply any group of people! Create a reliable team and engage your members!
Preferred Leadership Position(s) *
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If you selected Chapter President and/or Ambassador, please list your school name and location (state/region).
The Ambassador will likely work with a chapter that you will be establishing, or will work with a local chapter in your region, while connecting with other ambassadors.
How can you contribute to Grise for Aphasia in the leadership position(s) selected? *
Why do you feel compelled join Grise for Aphasia?
Do you have any knowledge or experience in regards to aphasia or psychology? If you do, briefly explain.
Don't worry if you don't, it's not completely necessary! However, if you're applying to become a Lead Content Creator or Lead Blog Writer and Editor, we would prefer you to have some knowledge.
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