CA College Match Tool Follow-Up Survey (open until Friday, November 1)
Hello friends seeking more equitable and just access to post-secondary information for our students who are Pell-eligible and/or from racial/ethnic backgrounds that are under-represented in higher education. Thank you for attending a CA College Match Tool meeting or for finding the Tool on your own and giving it a try. The purpose of this survey is to gather information about your interest in being with us on our journey of making this tool both higher quality and more inclusive of additional post-secondary institutions and pathways. If your feedback is about the Tool itself, it is very welcome, and will get to the right folks if you use the "Feedback & Raffle" link at the bottom of the Tool; your comments there will make their way directly to our designers and developers. Your feedback here will help us plan our next steps in this journey. THANK YOU!!! P.S. You will get a copy of your responses, and will be able to edit them; only one response allowed per email address.
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