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The State Thespian Officers are elected by their peers to represent all high school student Thespians for one full school year. STO work as the bridge between the adult board and the student Thespian community. STO are identified as Alumni, Former, Current, and Candidate.

Alumni STO are students who graduated from high school and return to mentor STO, aide annual events/activities, and help run Camp Thespis, when possible.

Former STO are students who recently served as Current STO and typically are recent graduates from high school. They are expected to mentor the newly elected STO during Camp Thespis.

Current STO are the elected STO serving the current school calendar year.

If elected at the Oregon Thespians State Conference, STO serve for an one-year term and fulfill all duties as described below:
* maintains 2.5 GPA (documented)
* maintains a positive and professional work ethic and appearance
* arrives on time to all required events
* reports regularly to STO Adult Board liaison throughout the year
* attends ALL Board meetings (5 per year) during one-year term to:
* work as a vocal part of the team by sharing ideas, thoughts, information
* bring questions, concerns, ideas from the fellow student Thespians
* help plan all Oregon Thespian Events
* attends AND takes on leadership roles/responsibilities at ALL Thespian Events:
--Camp Thespis/Leadership Summit
--Improv Festival
--Junior Thespian Play Day
--Regional Acting Competition
--State Thespian Festival (incl. Junior Thespian State Festival)

Candidate STO are running to be elected STO serving the next school calendar year, and if elected fulfill the duties described above under Current STO. All Candidates:
* apply with and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
* are an officially inducted Thespian through ITS and member of an officially active Troupe
* are an active Thespian for at least 1 academic year prior to elections
* attend a majority of Oregon Thespian events the year prior to applying, including:
--Leadership Summit AND/OR Camp Thespis Leadership Training
AND Oregon Thespian State Conference

Additionally, at Oregon Thespians State Conference, STO Candidates must:
* Register and attend the whole State Conference
* Bring Poster Board of Candidate following criteria listed on the application
* Bring exact Speech submitted online with Candidate’s application
* Attend a pre-speech practice on Thursday afternoon with Current STOs
* Attend the STO Leadership workshop during Conference
* Attend the Troupe President's Meeting Saturday for a Q&A
--Be prepared to answer questions at this meeting about your platform
* Present Speech at assigned time to Oregon Thespian Delegation
--Election speeches will be given at State during General Sessions.
--Candidates must deliver the exact same pre-approved speech submitted with her/his application and may not ad-lib. --Directors should rehearse Candidates prior to State.
--No visual aids may be used with the speech.
--Candidates are encouraged to be creative, but “novelty” speeches or ad-libbed speeches are not allowed.
--Speeches have a time limit of one and a half minutes.
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