TITANFALL 2 - furryfish*'s Fan Challenge
Submit your 30s best plays video here, and the one that catches my eye will win SGD$500!
Winner will be chosen on 31st December 2016 at 2359 +8GMT.

1) By submitting your video here, you are acknowledging that I will be able to reproduce it and/or take a part of it and use it as a highlight video and/or share it on my social media platforms.

2) You do not need to fill in your address or phone number, but its a good backup in case I cannot contact you via email.

3) The winner will be contacted over email, and the winning video will also be shared on my Facebook fan page at https://facebook.com/pmsfurryfish
Payment will only be made by either bank transfer (to a local winner) or Paypal (if it is an overseas winner).

4) Terms and conditions are subject to change, and if there are any disputes, the final decision will be made by me.

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