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Crescent City Veterinary Hospital does not board animals that are not vaccinated against common viruses as recommended by our doctors. Exceptions are made only for animals that may not be vaccinated for medical reasons as discussed with one of our veterinarians and animals that are too young to have completed their initial round of vaccinations. In such a case Crescent City Veterinary Hospital will take proper precautions to limit exposure to animals known to be infected with a contagious disease, however cannot guarantee complete isolation. There is an increased risk of infection with a contagious virus in those animals that are not vaccinated.Even vaccinated animals are not 100% immune against all communicable diseases. All pet owners should be aware that there is a risk of infection with communicable diseases when animals are placed into a boarding or group situation. Pets that exhibit outward signs of illness should not be brought to Playgroup and may not be admitted to or removed from Playgroup at Crescent City Veterinary Hospital’s sole discretion.Crescent City Veterinary Hospital inspects each patient for external parasites upon check in and requires regular testing for intestinal parasites. We take precautions to protect our patients from contracting parasites of any kind but cannot make guarantees that all pets in our facility are parasite free at all times.Our Playgroup Sessions are constantly supervised by our trained staff. Playgroup involves a lot of exercise and exposure to the elements. Dogs are placed into a group environment with lots of physical activity. Injuries may occur in this kind of setting. I have been informed of the risks associated with boarding and Playgroup at Crescent City Veterinary Hospital and take full responsibility for any illness/injury that may occur as a result. Crescent City Veterinary Hospital cannot be held accountable for the cost of any treatment that may become necessary as a result of boarding or Playgroup.I consent to the use of my pet’s name and photograph by Crescent City Veterinary for educational and marketing materials, as well on social media. Such use may include medical condition, treatment, and prognosis. Under no circumstances will my personal information shared through these sources.
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