The Urban Farming Guys - Internship Program Application
The UFG Internship is a four-week volunteer experience working in the Lykins Neighborhood community of Kansas City. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who are eager to assist the UFG with our mission to help disadvantaged communities rebuild from within.This is an intense and deeply creative experience that will challenge you entrepreneurially to create and establish sustainable processes, technologies, and create & launch thriving economic forces that will empower blighted inner-city communities. The Lykins Neighborhood is our living canvas. In this internship, we will be learning how to facilitate change from the ground up. We will be creating opportunities from scratch, engaging the local community, and building a future and infrastructure for the next generation to thrive. We will be facing real problems head on rather than theory. In this internship, we will form a team that will work together and experience the challenges of community and grow in the much-needed skills of interdependence.

As an intern you will be required to assist with various functions of the organization, assisting with our various programs, namely, Healthy Food Access; Afterschool Programs; Community Engagement; Agritourism & The Tool Library Programs. You may also be required to assist with our annual events, this will include helping plan and coordinate events for our different stakeholder groups. Along with the operational functions, you will be learning various farming techniques from our Farm Manager, including Aquaponics; Raised Bed Gardening, Greenhouse Gardening, Mushroom Farming, Huglekultur, Beekeeping and Worm Farming. You will also be required to work with our Construction Manager on particular projects in the neighborhood, where you will be learning how to use Power Tools, Basic Carpentry, Plumbing, Framing, Masonry and Concrete Work. Here you will also learn about Photovoltaic Cells (Solar); Rainwater Catchment, Irrigation Systems & Greenhouse Optimization. There will also be opportunities for individuals with leadership abilities to spearhead very important projects that will have a deep and lasting impact to the community. We will do our very best to position you for maximum growth and fulfillment in your time with us. During this internship you will form part of our team and have an opportunity to work alongside our staff and our community.

We also offer a few Paid Apprenticeships for individuals who show exceptional leadership and management skills in our internship.
Time Expectations
Interns will be required to volunteer 30 / week (Wed - Saturday) as part of their stay with us.
The work schedule will vary depending on the season of your internship, as will the projects that you engage in, and thus the learning experience and the skills that you will acquire.
Sharing Knowledge
It is a huge value of ours to empower the world with shared knowledge. Interns will be required to document and contribute their knowledge to an open source knowledge-base wiki so that our work can be reproduced to empower and freely distribute economic power and opportunity across the globe.
A shared room will be provided for the full duration of your four week stay with us. This will include a bed, linen, shower, bathroom, laundry & kitchen access.
Applicants will be responsible for maintaining their own livelihood, including food expenses, and any travel expenses during their four week stay with us.
In 1-2 short paragraphs, introduce yourself and explain why you want to apply. Why should we choose you to be a part of the team?
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