Building Information Management Council (BIMC) NBIMS-US Workgroup Call for Volunteers                             
August 2022
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The Building Information Management Council (BIMC) NBIMS Planning Committee is standing up the Product Data Requirements Workgroup (PDR-WG) to develop a new module for incorporation into the next version of the NBIMS-US. We are seeking interested professionals to be part of this NBIMS-US update effort as well as referrals for those believed to be a good fit. To that end we encourage you to not only consider volunteering but to also share this call for volunteers with those you feel would benefit from the experience and add value to the Workgroup.

Individuals expressing interest in volunteering will be required to be members of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Building Information Management (BIM) Council and the NBIMS-US Project Committee upon confirmation as a Workgroup member.  Workgroup membership will be limited to 8 to 10 participants.

A short summary of the workgroup seeking volunteers is listed below. The Chair and confirmed members of the Workgroups will contribute to finalizing the Workgroups General Guidelines per their Workgroup expressed purpose.

Your consideration is appreciated!
Workgroup Chair: Bill Brodt -

NBIMS Planning Committee Liaison: TBD


The mission of the NIBS Building Information Management (BIM) Council Product Data Requirements Workgroup (PDR-WG) is to define the desired product performance and sustainability data elements, the schema for product-specific attributes extending the Construction‐to‐Operations Information Exchange Model View Definition (MVD), and data schema into performance and sustainability data required for product selection, commissioning, maintenance, and operations.


The Workgroup fulfills this mission in multiple ways:

  • Development of product-specific data tables to meet owner needs for product selection, commissioning, maintenance, and operations.
  • Promote the adoption and implementation of standard data tables by product manufacturers, product vendors, designers, constructors, owners, and software firms supporting the building industry.
  • Support the process of incorporating product data tables into the National BIM Standard – United States® (NBIMS-US™) and coordinating with the standards of buildingSMART International.
  • Supporting research validating the benefits of using the standard data and schema.

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Upon receipt of your volunteer form the NBIMS-US Planning Committee and the Product Data Requirements Workgroup Chair will review and appoint volunteers on the basis of their professional experience and knowledge of the specific Workgroup topic of interest. A maximum of 8 to 12 members will be appointed to the Workgroup. Once pre-appointed to a Workgroup you will be contacted by the Chair of the Workgroup to confirm your selection/appointment and discuss next steps.

Thank You!
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