Lifelong Career Guidance for EU citizens
The world of work is rapidly and constantly changing, calling for proactive responses to new demands. Demographic changes, a new generation approaching the world of work, and most of all the emergence of new (types of) jobs require a holistic approach to supporting people to cope with labour market transitions and providing them with the tools needed to manage their own training and professional development. This is all the more urgent given that the average worker in Europe has gone from having a job for life to having more than 10 jobs throughout their career. Particular attention must be paid in this regard to individuals with a low level of skills - including the 70 million low-qualified adults in Europe - as they risk being left behind with the rapid pace of change.

A crucial tool to support such individuals is career guidance and counselling, seen from a lifelong learning perspective, which can empower them with the information and support to build on their existing skills and strengths and acquire new ones. The debate will present concrete tools that increase the employability of people with low skills through information and communication technologies, and will further elaborate on different forms of cooperation between different stakeholders at all levels and the role that the European Union, in collaboration with civil society actors, can play in fostering the exchange of ideas and good practices within the career guidance sector.


● Welcoming words, MEP Emilian Pavel

● Lifelong Learning Career guidance: European perspectives, Joost Korte, Director-General of DG EMPL

● Lessons from best practices
○ Investing in adult education, Gina Ebner, EAEA
○ A sustainable career for European citizens: is this possible? Jean-Marie Dujardin, eucen, and David Randaxhe, HEC Liège
○ Regional perspective for career guidance, Noelia Cantero, EARLALL
○ The identification of transversal skills for low-skilled adults, Lucie Susova, SOLIDAR
○ The employers’ perspective, Murielle Antille, Adecco Group
○ An holistic approach in lifelong career guidance services (eg. digital mediation and inclusion), Ludovic Collin and Sylvie Sesma, RICDM

● Q&A session, moderated by Jean-Marie Dujardin - LLLP Steering Committee
● Conclusions, MEP Emilian Pavel
● Light lunch

When: Friday, 7 December 2018 - 11.00 - 13.00
Where: EESC (tbc)

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