SeishunCon 2020 Panel/Event Submission Form
Want to talk about anime and manga? Have an idea for a trivia game show? What about a workshop dispensing the finer points of making costumes? SeishunCon wants to hear from you! As Atlanta's Winter Anime Convention, we're interested in having the best content we can find that focuses on Japanese animation, manga and culture and we need your help! Be creative, we're interested in new ideas, interesting topics and providing mountains of fun. Have more than one idea? Lay it on us, you can submit as many panels as you like, just please submit only ONE panel per form. Submissions are open until December 1, 2019, (unless we fill up before hand) so get us your submission sooner rather than later!
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This will be used in our programming guide, make it attractive to attendees and limit it to one or two short sentences.
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Provide a detailed description of your panel to give our staff a better idea of its content and scope. This is your pitch to us, make it count!
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Enter any preference you have regarding where on the schedule we place your event (specific times or something like “Saturday morning” or “Not during the Costume Contest” is great). We try to accommodate everyone but scheduling is on a first come/first served basis. Leaving this blank will have your panel placed in whatever time block is deemed suitable by the staff. Note: SeishunCon events run from approximately 12pm Friday to 5pm Sunday, please be specific if you have unavailable times.
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If you think your panel will run longer than 2 hours please send us an email at after you complete this form so that we can take it under review as a special event.
Technical Needs?
Each event room will be equipped with an audio and video setup for presenting material and microphones for speaking. If you need anything beyond these needs, please indicate and SeishunCon will try to accommodate. Users with proprietary connectors will need to supply their own adapters able to support an HDMI video connection, or a 3.5mm headphone audio connection.
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