Island Bay Festival 2020 - Stall registrations
The form below advises you of the Terms and Conditions that need to be adhered to when participating and requests information from you regarding the specifics of your stall.
By submitting this form, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Island Bay Festival 2020, as described below:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Please read carefully as there are changes from previous years.

Pre Festival:
• The Island Bay Festival 2020 event, known as ‘DAY IN THE BAY’, will be held on Sunday 9th February, between 10am and 5pm. Entry to the Festival is free to the public.
• No market stall will be confirmed until the correct fee has been paid in full.
• Stall sites are only allocated to applicants that have paid their registration fee in full.
• We cannot guarantee your preferred site.

Festival Day:
• Set up will commence from 6.00am. You will be given an allocated access time to your site from 6.00am.
• Everyone must be open for business by 10.00am.
• All vehicles must be removed by 9:30am.
• All vehicles must not exceed 5km/h when moving within the Festival area (during set-up/ pack-up), have hazard lights on at all times and must follow the instructions of our site marshals.
• Food stall holders must use recyclable, or compostable containers, cups, plates, knives and forks. We are strict about this requirement as it’s part of the festival’s sustainable goals – not following this may result in your stall being asked to stop trading.
• Wellington City Council requires all stall holders to meet prescribed safe food handling requirements (if selling food). Non compliance may result in being asked to stop trading on the day.
• The Island Bay Festival takes no responsibility for your stall set up. Stall holders should come fully prepared on the day – and please note, as stipulated by the Wellington City Council, all structures must be weighted down, to ensure public safety. Strong or gusty winds are often present in Island Bay and if your site is not secure you may be asked to take any movable structures/covers (potential hazards) down. So please come prepared to hold down your wares and shade structures securely, as we cannot help with this on the day. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR VEHICLE TO TIE DOWN MARQUEES as no vehicles are permitted onsite.
• ABSOLUTELY NO LEAVING THE AREA until given the all clear by Festival staff.
• ALL stalls must trade up until 5.00pm with no trading after 5.00pm
• Pack-up Must be completed by 6.00pm.
• There is no alternative postponement date. Decisions about cancellation due to bad weather will be made on the morning of the event. An email/ text message will be sent by 7am. There are no refunds if the event is cancelled.
• Stall holders must take all of their waste away when they leave. The bins provided are for the use of festival attendees only. If caught dumping your waste/ leaving it behind, you may be asked to pay removal costs – and/ or not be invited back.

All vendors MUST abide by the Wellington City Council's (WCC) rules and regulations (See WCC website – Food stalls and food trucks). WCC staff will be on site to see that these regulations have been adhered to on the day and will close down any stall that fails to comply. Submitting this form shows you understand this and will comply. You must be familiar with, and responsible for health and safety requirements. You will also need to provide a photocopy of your license – on site – if applicable. All vendors are expected to present a well thought out stall. Consideration for others and the environment is important.

What we offer you:
A popular and valued festival attracting approx. 15,000 people each year. The festival includes fun activities for all: live music on the Band Rotunda; street entertainers and artists; rides for children; deliciously diverse food stalls; great coffee; the famous ‘Blessing of the Boats’; an island swim; a variety of market stalls, and more. Activities are held on the beach, in Shorland Park, the Marine Education Centre and surrounding areas. Efficient and professional management. Respect and support throughout the process. Helpful and courteous communication.

Prices are shown below. Once your agreement has been submitted, we will confirm the amount due and provide you with bank account details for payment. Please allow 3 working days for this process.


Market stalls – non-food stalls (excluding preserves, pre-packaged sweets and snacks etc.)

3 x 3 Stall Site - $130
6 x 3 Stall Site - $230

Food stalls – food/drink prepared on site, food trucks, trailers etc.

Small food stall - $250
3m x 3m (gazebo only, no trailer)

Med food stall - $260
3m x 5m (gazebo, trailer)

Large food stall - $350
3m x 8m (trailers with towbar)

Parking behind the stalls is NOT permitted.

There will be vehicle parking in a temporary car park close to the market for a fee of $10 for the day. You must select that you require a vehicle park on the application form and pay for it when you pay your registration fees. Any vehicles not approved to stay on site must be removed by 9:30am.

The Festival organisers have engaged the services of Wellington Waste Managers for this years festival, to help with reducing festival waste to landfill and doing our part for the environment.

HOW YOU CAN HELP - It is important that all vendors, craft or food stall holders use ONLY the festival approved packaging. Approved packaging suppliers are listed below please check out their websites :
-Ecoware is the preferred supplier
-Innocent packaging
-Eco Soulife
-Green Bean eco-tableware

We will also not be accepting any packaging products marked PLA. Therefore NO plastic cups, forks, knives etc.
All vendors will be audited on the morning of the Day In the Bay by the Wellington Waste Management Company. The use of any non-compliant packaging products on the day will not be permitted, please ensure that you are using the correct packaging.

Wellington Region's City Councils have released their updated guide for food vendors

We would appreciate it if all vendors could encourage their customers to use the waste stations provided by the festival.

After reading this and if you are still unsure please check in with our Markets Coordinator at

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