Jay Lemming's 2017 Literary Fiction Survey for Readers
This short, 8-question survey is being held to find out if independently published literary novels and stories can be better brought to readers' attention by marketing them by theme, such as stories about families, coming-of-age stories or other. I surveyed more than 20 authors of literary fiction to find out how they described their books, and published a blog post proposing a new method for bringing such works to readers' attention. Read more here: http://jaylemming-author.com/2016/12/04/marketing-literary-fiction-survey-results.

If you identify yourself as a reader of literary fiction, please complete the questions below.

This survey is also collecting email addresses for the purposes of sharing the results with all participants. This information will remain confidential. I will not share it with or sell it to any third party.

Email address *
1. Do you actively search online for literary novels and stories to buy and read? *
2. What methods do you use to search for books online? *
3. Which book bloggers, blog sites, e-newsletters or other online promotional vehicles do you use to find books? (Feel free to list as many as you like. You are not required to respond.)
4. Do you read literary fiction because you feel it is the contemporary equivalent of the classics, or because certain themes (such as family or coming-of-age stories) are of personal interest? *
5. Please list the themes of greatest interest to you as it pertains to your reading preferences. You may choose "I have no preference" or you may identify certain themes not in the list. (You will have a chance to list them below). *
6. If you do enjoy reading literary stories about particular themes, but they're not listed in Question 4, please feel free to list up to three themes below. (Ignore this question if it does not apply.)
7. Do you think connecting readers to independently published works of literary fiction by theme would be effective? Before answering the question, ask yourself if YOU, personally, would find this effective. *
8. Would you read a newsletter or visit a website that organized works of independently published literary fiction by themes that were of interest to you? (i.e. self-published or published by a smaller, indie press) *
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