WRC 2020 - Player Interest Registration Form
This form is for individual players to register their interest to compete at the 2020 World Riichi Championship in Vienna.

This form is intended to be used by players who meet one of the following criteria:
- The player is seeking to represent a country where the allocation of WRC seats is not being directly administered by that country's national mahjong association (e.g. USA)
- The player is seeking to represent a country which does not have a national mahjong association
- The player is seeking to represent a country which does not explicitly have WRC seats allocated through regional quotas

Players from countries where the national WRC quota is to be handled by the national mahjong association (e.g. EMA countries) should not use this form.

Email address *
Player Name *
Representing Country *
Have you ever played in a live (offline) riichi mahjong tournament? *
If so, can you give the name of the event and website (if available).
Do you play regularly in an offline club? Please give details (website, name etc.)
Please explain your eligibility to represent your chosen country (e.g. resident, citizen) *
Please explain, in approx 250 words or less, your mahjong achievements and why you believe you should play at WRC *
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