2019-2020 Prozdor and Makor Registration
We look forward to receiving your Prozdor/Makor (re)enrollment form. Just fill out the form below and submit. You will receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours.

Please note:

1. Applications received by August 23 will receive a $100 discount on tuition.
2. There is a sibling discount ($50 per sibling).
3. Financial Aid is still available. To download the form go to: https://hebrewcollege.edu/programs/prozdor/dates-rates/

Please note that for the fourth consecutive year we are not increasing our tuition rates.

Prozdor 4 hours - $3295
Prozdor 2 hours - $1900
Prozdor 3 hours - $2500
Makor (Independent families) - $2895
Makor (Synagogue partner families) - Rates set by each synagogue
Hebrew fee - $100

The course book and login credentials to sign up for classes will be available after August 19.
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