ReportingPoint of IWTV (IndustrialWindTurbineVictims). In honor of Nina Pierpont.

Explanation about this RP of IWTV:
Based on the Civic Initiative, WindParkSpui, and as a result, this ReportingPoint & ©hecklist has been created by Ine, The current situation is that, despite the fact that the noise appears to be within the legal rules and standards, the nuisance is too often too great. To check this clearly and scientificly proof, this ReportingPoint & checklist are needed.
The questionnaire examines the impact of turbines on local residents.
Dear filler of this large list, there are quite a few questions that you may want to think about before you type an answer. Do that especially! In peace, and: no answer is wrong or out of place. Thanks to you in advance!
Below are questions that you can answer, below you can post your comments.
You can complete this list anonymously or in a personal title (with contact details) so that further searches are possible. The collected data are presented anonymously to an independent group of scientists. The distance to the turbines and your home is important, you can measure distances using Google Maps, for more information see:
You can also fill in this list more often, eg 1 x p / month, so that there is a clear timeline of what happens, progression, and also adaptation.
If you enter more often, please leave your name and e-mail address for verification

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if you enter more often, please leave your name and e-mail address for verification
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