Spin Sucks PRDT Accountability Form for Signing up to the PRDT Accountability Group
Many of you expressed interest in forming an accountability group! Please fill in this form if you're interested in filling out the accountability form.

NOTE: Mike may or may not be poking a little fun at the sheer volume of people who said they were interested in an accountability group, but who didn't fill out the accountability group form (read: No one filled it out :sniff:) :(

We'll match you with others who said they'd fill in the accountability form, but haven't... this way, we'll help create accountability for your own accountability, in turn making you think twice about your ability to be accountable. How's that for accountability?

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Yes, Mike is poking a little fun at some of you. Why? Because many of you you asked for the opportunity to join an accountability group, and then NO ONE SIGNED UP. You must admit, it's a little funny, right? Do you forgive him?
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