Favourse Private Sale
Investment requirements:

Round 1 - Seed. 15,000,000 FAV tokens at a rate of $0.02. Deadline - Until Fulfilled.

Round 2 - Private. 33,000,000 FAV tokens at a rate of $0.03. Deadline - Until Fulfilled.

Round 3 - IDOs. 18,000,000 FAV tokens at a rate of $0.055. Deadline - Right after the Private Sale has been fulfilled, IDOs will start.

It's all FCFS.
Example: If $55k of the $60k Seed has been fulfilled and someone transfers $10k, $5k will be allocated to the Seed price of $0.02 and $5k to the Private price of $0.03. The same goes for the other rounds.

We will collect all the contributions of Round 1 until the target amount is reached. Round 2 will start immediately after Seed is fulfilled and Investors will be given notice. Round 3 will begin shortly after the Private Sale has reached the goal.

Here below are some references and videos of Favourse project.
Please kindly check them out:
1. 3-minute presentation of me explaining what Favourse is: https://youtu.be/V1ogp_qxrlw
2. On www.Favourse.com you can find an overview, short explainer videos with main use cases, links to telegram-groups, team, etc.
3. https://demo.favourse.com - Demo (view-only) related to the main use cases referenced in the explainer videos.
4. https://pre.favourse.com - Prototype, can register with a few clicks, play around.
5. https://whitepaper.favourse.com - Whitepaper.

Our contact :
E-mail : info@favourse.com

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