Student Development Fund Application
The Development Fund is a program financed by the Fort Hays Honor Society that reimburses students for activities that help further their career and/or education endeavors. Members of the Fort Hays Honor Society may apply for funds for activities that have occurred at maximum of three months before the application deadline or that are scheduled to occur up to three months after the deadline. It is important to note that reimbursement cannot occur without receipts or invoices, so it is imperative that itemization on the application matches the provided invoice or receipt. No money will be granted without an invoice or receipt. Applicants may receive full, partial, or no financing depending on available funds and committee decisions. Applicants are subject to an interview if committee members deem necessary.

Funding awarded in the past:
Professional exams (Medical College Admissions Test, Kansas Teacher Licensure Exams, etc.)
Conference registration fees
Postgraduate program applications
Small-scale study abroad trips (must be considered relevant to educational/career goals)

Funding not awarded in the past:
Test prep material
Lodging for trips

Use of Funds
Please indicate the specific dollar amount being requested, as well as itemization for the requested amount. Here we also ask that include whether you have received funding from us before and if you have applied for funding from any other campus organization for the same activity you will be using the development fund for.

Goals & Objectives
Please describe how you plan to use the funds. Indicate, in measurable terms, how the desired funding will further your career and/or educational goals. Please specify what makes you a deserving candidate.

Fort Hays Honor Society
Describe for us your involvement in FHHS. Additionally, tell us how your funded activity can help benefit the organization. Briefly list any other involvement on or off campus you may have and your level of involvement within.

Terms & Conditions
By submitting this application you are agreeing to the terms, conditions, and qualifications stated above. Funds will not be awarded to those that cannot provide proof of purchase, or that do not adhere to time guidelines. Once the Development Committee decides on the applications to funds, you will have 6 weeks from the meeting to submit a signed W-9 and a receipt or you will forfeit the funding you have been awarded. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Thank you for your application and good luck!
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