PBS Digital Studios Submission Application
Thank you for contacting PBS. You are welcome to submit your materials related to an idea for digital-first content, or program to PBS for consideration. However, except for the purpose of identifying that it is in fact an unsolicited submission, PBS policies and procedures prohibit review of the submitted materials without the requisite Submission Release accompanying the submission. As such, we are returning all of the submitted materials to you, which you will find enclosed in this mailing.

If you wish to have PBS consider your submission, please review the submission guidelines and required form on the “Submission Guidelines and Proposal Process” page, which you can access here: www.pbs.org/producing. The mandatory Submission Release, which includes a Submission Summary as Exhibit A, can be downloaded directly off the website. After you review the Submission Release, please sign it and include as much information about your project (treatment, synopsis, footage, funding plan/funders, etc.) as possible in the Submission Summary (Exhibit A), so that we may proceed with the review of your submission.
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