2018 Oregon Fringe Festival Application to Present
***Please read thoroughly before completing this application***


The 2018 Oregon Fringe Festival will take place from Wednesday, April 25 – Saturday, April 28, 2018 at/in/around the Southern Oregon University campus and beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

The mission of the Oregon Fringe Festival is to engage and connect students and the community with the contemporary arts. By providing a platform for the expression of self, we work to create an inclusive space for education and nourishing open perspectives toward the arts.

The OFFestival is a fantastic opportunity to present your creative work to a varied audience of students, faculty, and the general community. This year's Oregon Fringe Festival will explore interdisciplinary collaboration between individuals and groups on campus. There may be funding opportunities for collaborative projects geared toward producing content demonstrating this exploration.

If you have any questions regarding the Oregon Fringe Festival, please do not hesitate to contact the Festival Curator at oregonfringe@sou.edu or visit http://oregonfringefestival.org/ for more information.
The Application Process

Applications to the Oregon Fringe Festival are reviewed and selected by the Festival Curator and a group of faculty and students from the theatre, music, and art departments to ensure a diversity of work across disciplines that fit with the mission of Fringe. In order to eliminate any bias toward applicants, this application will remain anonymous until accepted. At that point, the applicant will meet with the OFFestival staff to discuss the next step in producing the accepted content.

Please be encouraged to know that we at the OFFestival want to accept and select your application! If needed, we will reach out to ask for more information and provide an opportunity for you to perhaps better clarify sections of your application before we decide whether or not the project will be selected.

There are two, separate applications to present at the 2018 OFFestival:

– The "Collaborative Application" is for applicants whose content is (1) completely original and (2) requires interdisciplinary collaboration. For example, a student could apply to present their original poetry or demonstrate a scientific experiment in the CVA Courtyard while a friend paints an impromptu, visual representation of their work; a student could apply to create original choreography to be accompanied by an original musical score; a student could apply to create an original short film or play. In all of these cases, the projects aren't exactly complete when the application is submitted. If accepted to be produced for the Oregon Fringe Festival, a production team of festival staff would meet with the applicant and put together a timetable and possible budget to fund and complete the work for the festival in April. This application is open to current SOU students and faculty only.

– "Open Call" applications are for solo applications or groups who wish to self-start and present content that is either original or already created. For example, a group of students could apply to present music at the new Sustainability Center; a student or member of the public could apply to present a prepared monologue or full script on a green space; a group of presenters could apply to put on a live improvisatory performance art piece in the Stevenson Union. This application is open to all!

– The deadline for the "Collaborative Application" is Friday, December 1, 2017.
– The deadline for the "Open Call" applications is Monday, January 22, 2018.
– Late materials will not be accepted.

If you intend to submit both a Collaborative Application and an Open Call Application, you will need to submit these separately. A single application is required for group submissions.

If you have any questions regarding this application process, please do not hesitate to contact the Festival Curator at oregonfringe@sou.edu.

Responsibilities of the Applicant

The Oregon Fringe Festival is NOT producing your work for you. We are offering a location and context within which to present it. If selected to present, please be prepared to explain:

– How your work is designed to be brought to the audience, rather than needing an audience to be brought to your work.
– How you intend to fully complete your project, including but not limited to: cast, crew, tech needs, signage, etc.

Questions? Feel free to email your query to oregonfringe@sou.edu or visit http://oregonfringefestival.org/

Please check to be sure your application is complete and detailed before submitting.

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The Oregon Fringe Festival producers want to provide every presenter with the support needed for their projects to be successful. In order to provide the best possible support, the OFF team will ask applicants to meet with them and discuss their project once their application has been reviewed. Please check the box below to confirm you are aware of this requirement. *
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