2018-19 Children's & Honor Choir Registration
All of Hickman Charter School's Children's and Honor Choir classes are taught by Brad Thompson, and take place at Hughson Union High School Theatre, 7419 East Whitmore Avenue, Hughson, CA 95326.

Students will learn to read and write music; express themselves through song, drama, and dance; have a great time performing, sharing, serving, and socializing with others; and develop greater self-confidence.

Chorus begins on October 2, 3, or 4, depending on which day of the week you choose to attend. Choir classes are yearlong offerings. Please note that Honor Choir has an increased rehearsal schedule while preparing for the musical (see the Reference Binder for details).

There is no class size limit for our Choir offerings, so when you register for Choir, you are enrolled! (Please recognize any and all qualifications for enrollment.)

Reference Binder:

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