Sovrin Transaction Endorser Application
Sovrin Transaction Endorsers are able to authorize transactions so that they can be written to the Sovrin MainNet. An Endorser may add their authorization as a digital signature to transactions that they authored, or that were authored by others. When one of these signed transactions are written to Sovrin MainNet, the Endorser is responsible to pay the transaction fees. Information about writing to a ledger and the associated fees can be found here:

To become a Sovrin Transaction Endorser you must:

1. Be willing to sign the Transaction Endorser Agreement.
2. Be willing to sign the Transaction Endorser Data Processing Agreement
3. Per the Sovrin Governance Framework, submit an application using this form that includes evidence that the Organization is a legally registered entity in a recognized Jurisdiction.
5. Sign the agreements above (via an online signing service)
6. Have your Endorser DID and Verkey written to the Sovrin Network

The Sovrin Governance Framework V2.0 and the 2 agreements referenced above can be found here:

Expect it to take a couple of days to complete the various interactions necessary to become a Sovrin Transaction Endorser. If your application has a specific deadline, please note that in the comment field.
Email *
Organization Legal Name *
Jurisdiction in which the Organization is registered *
Link to the record of registration for the organization
If not provided, a PDF of the organizations record of registration will need to be provided separately to
Organization Snail Mail (Postal) Address *
Organization Website *
Summary of Business Purpose for Becoming a Sovrin Transaction Endorser *
Legal Contact - Full Name *
The Legal Contact will be asked to sign the Transaction Endorser agreements listed at the top of the form and will be the Billing Contact if the Billing Contact information (below) is left blank.
Legal Contact - Email Address (if different from submitter)
Billing Contact (if different from the Legal Contact)
Billing Contact - Email Address
Optional: Transaction Endorser DID and Verkey
This must be provided before the DID can be added to the Sovrin MainNet. Adding it here will save us getting it from you later, but it is not required. Note that if your organization is a Sovrin Steward you must NOT provide your Steward DID.
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Please let us know if you have any questions about this request, the Sovrin Foundation or this process.
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