Leyning signup for Bereshit
Thank you for your willingness to sign up to read torah or haftarah during the book of Bereshit! The dates are below and the spreadsheet displaying the detailed reading breakdowns can be found here:

Sat, Oct 17 Bereshit
Sat, Oct 24 Noach
Sat, Oct 31 Lech-Lecha
Sat, Nov 7 Vayera
Sat, Nov 14 Chayei Sara
Sat, Nov 21 Toldot
Sat, Nov 28 Vayetzei
Sat, Dec 5 Vayishlach
Sat, Dec 12 Vayeshev
Sat, Dec 19 Miketz
Sat, Dec 26 Vayigash
Sat, Jan 2 Vayechi
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If you have any specific leyning or haftarah requests, enter them below. You can refer to the spreadsheet (linked above) to see what's available. These will be filled as best as possible.
Are you willing to have leyning assigned to you, based on what needs filling (and your preferences, to be collected next)? *
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