PRIMER Host City Application Form
If you are interested in hosting PRIMER in your city, please fill out this application thoroughly so that we can assess your readiness to take on the event.

A Host City Team should consist of no less than seven (7) individuals fulfilling each of the below listed Primary Roles—Chair, Co-Chair, Eventbrite (ticketing) Manager, Branding(Creative) Director, Website Designer/ Mgr, Marketing/Social Media Director, Sponsorships Director, Exhibition Director, Volunteer Coordinator.

A host city must have an active Speculative Futures chapter in the city and must be organized or co-hosted by the chapter leaders.

This application is for PRIMER US and PRIMER EU applicants. Please note year and city below

If you have any questions, just shoot us an email:
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Which PRIMER Conference would you like to host? *
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Who would be the Chair and Co-Chair? *
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*Please use the primary applicant's profile. (the one who would be the chair of the conference)
Short Bio of Chair (and/or Co-Chair) *
Tell us a little more about yourself. This could be anything not on your LinkedIn profile that might be useful in conference planning
Have you ever organized a conference of our size? (300-350ppl, multi-day) *
Is there a Speculative Futures Chapter in the proposed city? *
Do you already have a venue in mind? And/or have you already had discussions with the venue?
It is not necessary to haven an agreement signed with a venue. You should just have a pretty good idea of the top 1-3 places you might host the event. (we recommend having at least 1 backup venue scoped out)
Please list all the people who would be part of your management and operations team *
See above for suggested roles
Tell us about your vision for bringing PRIMER to your city for the proposed year *
This can include theme, programming, bringing a fresh outlook to your city, institutions you'd partner with, or activities/experiences you would create throughout conference week
Why do you think you and your team would be great at producing this event? *
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