Caniventures Business Mentor
Thank you for your interest in participating as a business mentor! Caniventures is looking for business mentors to contribute as subject matter experts to the fast growing cannabusiness community.

Obtain personal satisfaction by making a difference in the development of the new generation of entrepreneurs, facilitate your own professional and personal growth by sharing the knowledge you learned through your years of experience, and give back to the industry and the institutions that helped you gain your expertise and reach success.

We are looking for business mentors to facilitate workshops and/or conduct 30 min consultations during our upcoming business clinic event. We are looking for mentors in the following business categories related to the cannabis industry.

Branding, marketing
Legal practice
Tax & Accounting
Retail Operations
Quality Assurance
Business management and strategy
Manufacturing and Distribution
Systems development, UX/UI, Programming, Data Management
Funding and/or angel investors
Indoor growing
Cultivation and processing

We ask our mentors to be present during our business workshops and/or clinics. Mentors also have the option to offer services ONLINE, which is perfect for those not in our local area.

This is a volunteer opportunity!
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