Ternary CPU Card
The ternary card is now ready for production.
We would like to understand what you expect from this extraordinary technology and we want to listen to your advice.

Your opinion is important, help us understand what you expect!

Help us improve this technology and create a great future in computing!

Are you interested in a ternary calculation system? *
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Would you be interested in purchasing a ternary CPU on silicon, built as a monolithic integrated circuit (IC)? *
What would you like to do with a Ternary CPU? Do you have a particular project in mind?
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What features would you like to see in the CPU we are building?
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How much would you be willing to pay for the CPU card? (The current price is around 120 - 150 USD) *
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In addition to the CPU board we are working on a card that implements a Ternary Computer with a minimum of peripherals / functionality. Are you interested in a system like this or would you rather build it yourself? *
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Your opinion is really important to us. Do you have any particular suggestions to give us? *
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