2019 Group Volunteer Request
Thank you for your interest in bringing your organization to volunteer at Garfield Park Conservatory! Please use this form to fill out your request for a group volunteer project and we will respond shortly with details.
Please tell us about your group.
What is the name of your group or company? *
What is the address of your organization? *
Who is the contact person for the volunteer group? *
If there are multiple people, please feel free to list them all here.
How can we get ahold of the group leader(s)? *
Email(s) or phone number(s) please.
Who is the day of event contact?
If this is the same as the group leader, please leave this section blank.
How large is your volunteer group? *
We can adjust numbers as we confirm the project, but a range is helpful to determine project scope.
What month(s) are you looking to do your project? *
What day of the week is preferred for your project date?
If you are open to dates, we typically schedule groups Wednesday - Saturday from 9am-12pm. Other days will be considered.
What is the preferred start time for your project? We schedule three hour volunteer projects to start and end between 8:30am - 2:30pm.
If your timing is open, we will default the project time to 9am to 12pm.
What type of organization are you? *
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