Green Shadow Application
Thanks for your interest in participating in the U.S. Green Building Council - Missouri Gateway Chapter Green Shadow program. Through the Green Shadow program, our goal is to expose students to green jobs in the Missouri Gateway area through a one day shadow of local business people.

Please fill out this application in it's entirety. Once your application has been submitted, USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter will be in contact with you regarding next steps and placement with a Mentor. Please contact USGBC-Missouri Gateway at with any questions.

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Emerging Professionals
Please complete the following questions if you are a recent graduate or are new to the building industry. If you are a student, please proceed to the next section.
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Green Shadow Placement
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Have you studied green building principles? Been inside or interacted in some way with a green building? Worked on the design or construction of a green building? Regardless of breadth or depth, please indicate if you have had any experience with green building.
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USGBC – Missouri Gateway Chapter disclaims all liability for costs incurred by the mentor or shadow, or any other obligations or liabilities of mentor or shadow, related to the Green Shadow experience. USGBC – Missouri Gateway Chapter makes no representations and disclaims all liabilities regarding the accuracy of information provided about any mentor or shadow and reserves the right to discontinue participation of any mentor or shadow in this program at any time. Mentor’s employer is responsible for policy regarding the shadow’s employment classification for the duration of the shadow experience.
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