Library and Children's Discovery Center Survey
We are excited to announce that after several years of planning, North Logan City is considering building a new state-of-the-art Community Center that will host the new North Logan Library and Children's Discovery Center (Children's Museum) in the heart of the City Center (near 2150 N 300 E). This Community Center will primarily be paid for with the existing Library resources and generous citizen donations. The Community Center will be located adjacent to a relatively large park space. This area (Community Center and Park) will be the center for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual major events and programming that will tie the community together. With this announcement, we would like to involve the citizens of the community in the planning process. In order to help steer the City in the right direction, we would like to encourage you to fill out the following survey. Your input will help determine the types of programs and features that will be located in the Library/Children's Discovery Center. THOSE WHO FILL OUT THE SURVEY WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR A DRAWING FOR A NEW GoPro, ALONG WITH SEVERAL GoPro ACCESSORIES!!!!
Thinking about the concept of the community center as discussed above would you say that you.... *
In terms of existing services and collections of the North Logan Library, would you say the following services are very important to you, somewhat important to you, or not important to you at all: *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Printed Book Collections
Video (DVD/Blu-Ray) Collections
Music (CD) Collections
Audiobook Collections
Kindle (electronic device) Lending Library
MakerSpace (audio-visual editing, movie transfer, photo scanning, etc.)
Access to Utah's online library for borrowing to mobile devices
Food Service/Cafe
Electronic Device Checkout (WiFi Hot Spots, GoPros...etc.
Retractable Shelving
How often do you, or someone in your family, attend the following programs at the North Logan Library? *
Once A Year
Toddler Story Time
Spanish Story Time
Fitness Classes
Teen Programs
Summer Reading Kickoff Party
Summer Sketch Club
Childrens Program Events ( ie Hero/Princess Party, Magician, Scales and Tails...etc.)
Farmers' Market
Authors and Illustrators
Ipad Class
Coding Club
Adult Book Club
What are some of the programs that you and your family like most in the existing North Logan library? *
Your answer
Are there any additional programs, services, or collections you would like to see in the future library? *
Your answer
What are some of the features (ie toddler pit, cafe, couches, maker space, computer area...etc.) you like in the existing North Logan library, and would like to see in the future library? *
Your answer
Are there any features, programs, or items that you dislike in the existing library?
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Please list some of the features or exhibits your child has enjoyed the most at other children's discovery centers (ie water tables, mini-grocery stores, medical technology, drawing, Lego or construction based, ropes course, playground, music/theater...etc). *
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What is your age
What is your full name? (Required, if you would like to be eligible for the drawing.)
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What is your email address? (Required, if you would like to be eligible for the drawing for a GoPro.)
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In order to provide further input, would you like to be involved in a specialized planning/design charrette for the proposed Community Center (Library and Childrens Discovery Center)? If so, select "yes", and make sure you have provided your contact information in the previous two questions.
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