Arboretum Play Renegade kit order form
Thank you for participating in the 2019 Play Renegade Program! This program is designed to create excitement in your store around select Renegade titles. We chose games that have a long history of being beloved by players. We want to support our dedicated fans and our retail partners by giving everyone a reason to share fun moments with these excellent games. To that end, we designed an Arboretum event kit that provides you with promotional items and marketing materials to use in-store and online.

Each event kit will cost the same as the MSRP of two copies of Arboretum. So one kit would be $40, two kits would be $80, and three kits would be $120.

In order to receive any Arboretum Play Renegade kits, you'll need to fill out this form. We'll then pass along the results to each participating distributor. They'll confirm your order with you and you will pay them when the kits ship out just like you would for any other product.

By registering through this form, we will be able to let our players know which retailers closest to them will be hosting these exciting Arboretum events! Maps of participating retailers for each event will be posted to the Play Renegade page on our website and shared routinely on our social media accounts to direct interested players to your store!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! Additionally, when you decide on the date/time of your event, let us know so we can add that information to the event map! The contact for this program is Sara Erickson: (

Program Summary
- Event kit.
- $40 cost per kit.
- Register through this form by May 31st
- Sent to your store in July!
Kit Contents
4 sealed copies of Arboretum
- These four games will come sealed and unmarked. Feel free to open them as a demo copy or stick them straight on your shelf!

16 Participation Prizes - Alternate art for Cherry Blossom #8
- One of these prizes should be given to each player who attends the event. If you need more than included, you will need to order an additional event kit.

2 Grand Prizes
- One of these prizes should be given to the player who ultimately wins the event. The second prize you can distribute as you please (we like the idea of thanking the event organizer, who typically doesn’t get to participate!).

1 Poster
- This poster will help you advertise the event in your store! We’ve left a blank space for you to write in the date, time, and entry cost of your event. For online advertising, you can also download digital versions of this poster and appropriately-sized Facebook header images and TV Slides (available at

20 Postcards
- Hand out these postcards to players who show an interest in your event!

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