CALM Conference Code of Conduct Violations
The CALM Conference Code of Conduct is available here:
You can also reach out to the Logistics Committee by email at All reports will remain anonymous.
This form was based on the TED event code of conduct violation reporting form.
What type of incident are you reporting?
How were you involved in the incident *
Please describe the incident briefly, sharing the what, when and where.
If possible, please share the date and approximate time of the incident and the session in which it occurred.
Please identify the person(s) involved in the incident.
Your name will not be shared with the person involved, but the Logistics Committee will need to know who was involved in order to conduct an investigation. If you do not know the person's name, please describe them as well as you can.
What is your preferred outcome?
Please note that the CALM Conference will handle all reports discreetly to determine the most appropriate course of action. We would appreciate your thoughts on how you would like us to resolve the situation, but due to confidentiality, you may not know the ultimate outcome.
How can the Logistics Committee follow up with you? *
If you wish to be contacted, please provide your name and contact information so we can follow up with you.
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