Fan Questionnaire
The following questionnaire will be used to investigate how moving to the London stadium has affected the allegiance of West Ham United fans, and ultimately who are the winners and losers of this move. For data collection purposes the questionnaire will be will be recorded, transcribed, and analysed. By participating in this questionnaire all responses will be used in the research. For legal purposes, all participants have the choice to participate or not while their identity will remain anonymous, however participants may not withdraw responses after they have been completed.

This questionnaire will contain a variety of questions requiring differing styles of responses which will take around 10 minutes to complete. For the research to be carried out in a fair manner please can all participants provide honest responses and elaborate in as much detail as possible.

1) What is your gender?
2) What is your age?
3) What is your ethnicity?
4) In a couple sentences describe the identity of a West Ham United fan.
Your answer
5) Are you a season ticket holder/regular attender at the London stadium?
6) Were you a season ticket holder/regular attender at the Boleyn Ground? (If answered no, got to question 13)
7) Which stadium do you prefer?
8) From the options below, select what you feel the fans have gained or lost due to the move.
9) Has the move increased, decreased or not affected the amount of games you attend?
10) Have you noticed different groups attending games that did not necessarily attend games at the Boleyn Ground?
11) In relation to the statements below, select the statement which would best describe the extent to which the club have been able to maintain their historical values.
12) On the scale below, rank the strength of your connection you had with the old stadium?
Very weak
Very strong
13) On the scale below, rank the strength of your connection you have with the new stadium?
Very weak
Very strong
14) On the scale below, indicate in which ways has the move affected your loyalty towards the club?
Very negative
Very positive
15) If you were not a regular attender to games at the Boleyn Ground describe in a few words what has made you attend games on a regular basis now.
Your answer
16) Do you think the club is going under changes/change in direction due to the move, what does this mean to you?
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