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***DISCLAIMER: All of the breeders listed on the GDCGD Breeders Referral page are members in good standing with the Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas. However, the GDCGD does not screen, inspect, or otherwise validate the breeding practices of those who are listed on the breeder referral list. All breeders are encouraged to utilize sound and responsible breeding practices that are consistent with the GDCA's Breeder's Code of Ethics and the GCDA Color Code. Nothing contained herein should be misconstrued as an endorsement, representation, warranty, or guarantee relating to these individual's breeding policies and practices, nor to the health, desirability or suitability of their dogs for breeding. Only your kennel name, breeder name(s), and link to your kennel website will be included on the GDCGD Breeder Referral webpage. It is the responsibility of each and every breeder to ensure that their kennel website is up-to-date with the most current and relevant information for others to find. You may resubmit this form at anytime to update any information you wish or contact the GDCGD webmaster and request that your kennel info be removed from the Breeder Referral page at any time:
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