Application Form for Organisers of the Regional Sessions 2018 of EYP CH
EYP Switzerland and the Head Organisers of the Regional Sessions 2018 are proud to officially open the call for ORGANISERS for the next round of Regional Sessions.
Are you reliable, dedicated and initiative ? Would you like to help shape the next generation of EYPers and contribute to a unique event ? Then hesitate no longer, this is your chance to work together with likeminded people and contribute to a wonderful project!

Together with the Head Organisers, you will be in charge of organising one of our Regional Sessions in Bulle, Fribourg, Meyrin or Romanshorn, involving various tasks such as communication with participants, fundraising, inviting patrons, organising and preparing venues for the session, doing PR work or organising the evening programme. The exact task distribution will be decided on within the definite organising teams according to the Head Organisers. There will be meetings of the organising team taking place prior to the Regional Session.

The Head Organisers of the four Regional Sessions are:

- RS Fribourg: Camille Bertholet and Tanguy Ciccone
- RS Bulle: Laura Balta and Nicolas Zazzali
- RS Meyrin: Allison Cabarles and Xavier Gonzales
- RS Romanshorn: Andrina Grimm and Paulina Pralle

The deadline to apply as an organiser for all Regional Sessions is Sunday, 12 November 23:59 CEST.

Questions? You may contact Eléonore Bleeker, board member of EYP CH in charge of the Regional Sessions ( or any of the Head Organiser ( at all times.

We are looking forward to working with you!
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