DRiVE Global Health & Age-Tech Innovation Entity Map
DRiVE is an AGE-WELL funded research project that is investigating the factors that contribute to and sustain regional health innovation ecosystems. To ensure accuracy, and to provide developers and other stakeholders with a comprehensive list of innovation entities around the world, we are calling on the international community to help us confirm our information, and to help identify any health and age-tech innovation entities that are might have missed.

Please check our map at the following link
If you can't locate an innovation entity that you're involved with, or any other for that matter, please complete the questionnaire below and we'll be delighted to add you to the list. One of our research assistants will contact you shortly. Any data that you share with us will be made available on our map, so please only share information that you don't mind the world seeing!

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for helping us out! And please share this crowdsourcing shoutout with anyone else you think might have information that can help us to improve the accuracy of our map!

Signed...the DRiVE team

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Thanks so much for your help! Please visit our site again, we love hearing from you. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us by emailing: or alternately leave us a short message below
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