Microscope Buyer's Checklist
Use this checklist when buying a compound upright laboratory microscope. Laboratory level microscopes can be custom configured to your needs. Visit www.seoenterprises.com for pricing of components and modules.
What magnification eyepieces should I choose? *
You should always choose 10x eyepieces unless your specific end use/analysis requires otherwise. 10x is the industry standard. As the magnifaction of the eyepiece goes up, the field of view (amount you see through the eyepiece) goes down.
What "field number" should my eyepieces have?
The field number determines the width of your field of view under different magnifications. The wider the better. (Formula: Filed Number/Objective Magnification)
What power objectives should I order?
Your objective power (in conjunction with your eyepiece power) determines your total magnification. Chose how many objectives you need and what power magnification each objective should be to meet you needs.
Which grade of objectives should I chose?
Plan Achromats are the standard choice. The more expensive Fluorite objectives are typically reserved for fluorescent microscopy or other microscopy that requires color and sperical correction above and beyond plan achromats. Apochromats are reserved for need specific analysis where chromatic and spherical corrections are required with high numerical apertures. .
Microscope Head
A trinocular head will be required if you intend to mount a camera. If you don't need a camera, you will be using a binocular head. You can chose between standard binocular and the more expensive ergonomic binocular.
How many holes should I chose for my nosepiece.
You will chose your nosepiece based on the number of obejectives you will be using.
What type of stage should I chose?
You should choose from the following options for a stage.
What type of condenser do I need?
Your going to choose your standard condenser unless you require a specific condenser
Variable Illumination System
Always choose LED over Halogen unless you have a specific need requiring halogen.
The following Microscope Modules are available for Laboratory Microscopy and should be used based only on need as the price of the microscope will increase with each module.
The following should be included in all new microscope purchases.
Microscope Manufacturer
Chose a microscope manufacturer or no preference from the list below.
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