Shura Elections 2020-2021
Every shura member gets the ability to plan and execute major MSA decisions with the team, in addition to their own events. Please nominate whom you think will best uphold these roles.

Finance Chair: Will hold access to the funds and distribution of appropriations from the MSA bank account. They may also hold percentage nights to fundraise for MSA.
Education Chair: Will plan 5-6 general body meetings per semester with guest speakers, food, and announcements and activities.This includes annual Imam Q&A, annual MSA Chef Battle, Annual Senior Appreciation, & Annual Elections GBM.
Sisters Social: Plan 2-3 social gathering/activity based events per semester, such as Galentines, etc.
Brothers Social: Plan 2-3 social gathering/activity based events per semester. This includes sports tournaments, mafia nights, etc.
Events Chair: Will plan & execute MSA Night (our annual flagship event), and 1 more major event.
Halaqa Chair: Plans a biweekly intensive halaqa per semester at NC State with speakers of their choice.
Service Chair: Conducts 2-3 service events for the general body either on or off campus or partnered events.
Co-Dawah Chair: Two positions to handle internal and external dawah & interfaith events and collaborations, this can include the annual Fastathon or Islam Fair, Islam Awareness Week, Prayer on the Lawn, etc.
Publicity: Handles weekly newsletter, social media accounts, flyers, and event pages.

Other Positions:
President and Vice President for 2020-2021 is voted on by the shura of 2019-2020 and will be announced with these results.
New Member Rep: Plan 2-3 events per year intended to gather & encourage freshman & transfer student interest in MSA. (this position will be elected by the 2020-2021 Shura in the Fall)

You can nominate yourself or someone else! Each events position is allowed to have their selection of a committee to help them plan and execute events if they wish.
Name of Finance Chair Nomination
Name of Education Chair nomination
Name of Sisters Social Chair nomination
Name of Brothers Social Chair nomination
Name of Events Chair nomination
Name of Halaqa Chair nomination
Name of Service Chair nomination
Name of Co-Dawah Chair nomination
Name of Publicity Chair nomination
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