Interested in Serving on LTA's Director Selection Committee?
Submissions accepted through May 31st.
What to expect on the committee:
This committee is responsible for interviewing Director candidates for LTA's upcoming season. Committee members will be expected to critically evaluate what each candidate can bring to LTA. Committee members will be required to interview candidates in-person at LTA in the summer/early fall of 2019. Much of this work will be done via discussions over email to accommodate committee member's busy schedules. There will be 2-3 in person meetings to interview candidate in the evenings or on weekends.

The committee will interview candidates in two waves:
- In June, applications will come in for Director's choice. Members of the committee will read the scripts and applications, and interview in late June/early July.
- In August or early September applications will come in for all other shows within the season, and the committee will interview in late September.

The committee will make a recommendation to the Board on Directors.The Board will determine the final slate of directors.

Please read before continuing:
There are a limited amount of spots on the committee, and we need to ensure that there is a balance between all the different areas of production. We will not be able to accommodate everyone who expresses interest. You do not have to be a member or subscriber to LTA to apply, but you must be prepared to join or subscribe if selected.

Please also note that this committee makes recommendations to the Board, but does not have final determinations over the directors.

If you plan to apply to direct in the 20/21 season, you will be ineligible to also serve on the committee.

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