Irvington High School PTSA - Senior Scholarship Application for Class of 2019

Fill out this application as completely as possible. List any/all extra-curricular activities, awards and volunteer work. Indicate the year(s) beside each activity.

To be eligible, you MUST be:
1) enrolled as a graduating senior at Irvington High School in Fremont, California, and
2) you or your parent must be a current member of Irvington High School PTSA

● You must upload a college, university or vocational school acceptance letter to show intent of pursuing higher education. If you intend to attend Community College, please indicate that in this application.
● You should upload letter(s) of recommendation from a teacher, coach or other adult (not a relative) and/or the letter confirming the service hours you have mentioned in your essay. In case none is available, please provide the names and email addresses of people who can be contacted through email to validate your contributions
● Irvington PTSA Scholarship Committee will be awarding 5 scholarships of $500 each
● The decision of the Irvington PTSA Scholarship Committee is final.

Applications Due:​ ​ Before 10:00 PM Friday, May 10, 2019

Scholarships will be awarded during the Irvington Senior Awards Night in June 2019.

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Number of years you have personally been a PTA/PTSA Member *
Number of years a parent/guardian has been a PTA/PTSA Member *
If yes, provide details (when, where, what)
Intended major/course of study at college/university, trade or technical school *
Acceptance letter from intended college/university, trade or technical school (if available)
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