Amped Studio After School Fall 2022 at Tara High!
Art Based Civic Engagement at Amped Studio After School!
2:30-4:30 pm

Your mind and voice matters! Students will be able to partake in Art Based Civic Engagement. This is an opportunity to express your concerns for what you believe is a problem in your community. You will engage in required research to explore solutions and turn your research into art! 

Complete Enrollment Application and submit enrollment forms (stipend, transportation, and student handbook agreements).
Students may only attend Amped Studio after school if they are passing all of their core classes. No student may attend if they currently have an ‘F’ in the subjects of
Math, English, Science, or Social Studies.

You will earn a $25 restaurant gift card, Amped Studio Hoodie, 
$50 Amazon Gift Card, and $150 after completing a total of four work cycles!
Snacks provided!
Transportation home by bus available, we got you!
Go on field trips & have some fun!
Set goals. You are worth it!
Make a difference in your community!
Let’s give what’s supposed to be gave!

 October 12, 2022

For more information contact Mr. Williams at or stop by W-11 to speak to our staff.
After filling out this form, we'll send you more information.

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As part of their participation, your child may be asked for their consent to be photographed, videotaped and/or voice recorded and for his/her name, image, likeness and voice to be used in Humanities Amped-approved photographs, videos, publications, internet, news and social media and web pages for special projects or publicity. Your child reserves the right to refuse to participate in being photographed, video taped and/or voice recorded, or to answer any questions or participate in any discussions that make him/her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I understand that neither Humanities Amped, nor the news media, has any obligation to air or publish the image, photos, videotape and/or voice of my child. I also understand that neither I nor my child will receive any monetary compensation for the rights granted herein. And I understand that my child’s appearance or the use of his/her voice in any publication, photo, internet or televised form does not confer any ownership rights on me or my child. *
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