Path 1: The Transparent Teaching Toolkit

Transparent teaching has been shown to have significant benefits for both faculty and students, including more equitable student learning outcomes, improved higher-order thinking and metacognitive skills, and even increased faculty job satisfaction (Perry, Hall, and Ruthig 2007; Winkelmes, M. 2013.). This series of workshops provides participants with an opportunity to discover the principles and benefits of a more transparent classroom, and to learn new ways to incorporate transparency into their assignments, lectures, course documents, and assessments.

Please RSVP below for the events on this path that you would like to attend. You can use this form to RSVP for just one event, for all events, or to signal that you'd like more information about some events. We will send you more details (like the location) of each event as it becomes available.

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Transparent Assignment Design
The first workshop in this Path took place on October 15th/16th. For more information email
Wise Feedback
The second workshop in this Path took place on Nov 26th, 27th. For more information email
The Transparent Syllabus
This event was part of the CTL's Spring Teaching Tune Up, and took place on January 15th. For more information, email
The Transparent Syllabus
This event took place on March 25th/26th. For more information, email
Transparent Assessment
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