Volleyfest 2019 - Field of Play Volleyteer Sign-up
Hey everyone!

... It's VOLLEYFEST time! ...

Volleyfest is hitting Manly Beach again from March 1-10th 2019.
Get up close and personal with all the WORLD CLASS athletes by becoming a Volleyteer!

We're looking for as many people to come and help out
You'll have a (volley) ball, there is no doubt!
We'd love it if you could join us for 5 days of fun,
but of course any of the days are better than none!

All volunteers will get uniforms and lunch PLUS accreditation to watch the matches! It's a win win situation!

We are now filling up the final spots for Field of Play (FOH) Court Staff.

FOP teams do a bunch of things and they are always in the middle of the action.

Some positions include:

- Ball retrieving around the court during match play
- Raking in time-outs and in between sets
- Junior scorekeeper - flipping the score so that the crowd and see it
- Flag barer - holding the flags of the countries will be playing on court
- Presenting medals to athletes on finals day

Court Managers will allocate staff to positions and rotate through-out the day.

We are currently looking for Volleyteers to help out:
1. BEFORE SCHOOL (7AM-) on March 6,7,8th (MUST attend training session on March 5th)
2. AFTER SCHOOL on March 6,7,8th (MUST attend training session on March 5th)
3. WEEKEND - March 9-10th (MUST have attending training session AND had court experience during the week)


Training Day is scheduled for Tuesday March 5th at 4pm
-It is mandatory for Field of Play staff to attend this training session. Volunteers that want to be on court for the quarters, semi-finals and finals on the weekend, must have attended the training session AND have had some court time during the week.
- Athletes will receive their uniform and accreditation on the training day

Australian Championships

The AUS CHAMPS is on and they're looking for some court staff to help out. The dates are from 1-3rd of March at Manly Beach. If you're interested in having some court time as a volunteer, just select what you would like to do in the form below and we will be in touch. *** if you can't make the Tuesday night training, we can potentially accommodate you on this weekend**

If you still have any questions or concerns please contact us at volleyfestsvnsw@gmail.com or go to our website at www.volleyfest.com.au

Looking forward to seeing you all at Volleyfest!!


Patti Vera and Constantina Ladas - Volunteer Managers, Volleyfest 2019

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