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Dermal Needling Power Solutions
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Genosys CIT Anti-Wrinkle Power Solution (AWS)
AWS is a highly functional solution that helps to reduce wrinkles and improves skin firmness.
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Genosys CIT Problem Control Power Solution (PCS)
PCS is an anti-blemish solution that controls excessive oil production and helps prevent acne breakout.
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Genosys HA Volume Enhancing Power Solution (HES)
HES is a high-performance hydrating and firming solution. It helps increase skin volume by reinforcing the filling effects of hyaluronic acid and keeps skin hydrated by holding water in the skin.
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Genosys Skin Depigmenting & Whitening Power Solution (SWS)
SWS is a highly enriched solution that helps improve pigmentation, even skin tone and brighten the skin surface.
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Genosys Skin Renewal Peeling System (SRS)
SRS is a Professional Peeling Needling system for smoother, brighter and more even skin tone.
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Genosys Cytokine Concentrate Power Solution (CTS)
CTS is a highly concentrated solution that helps stimulate tissue remodeling. It helps the skin retain its natural elasticity and increase the strength of skin.
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Genosys Concentrated Vitality Power Solution (CVS)
CVS is a highly concentrated solution for skin nourishment. It supplies nutrients to the skin, revitalizes and hydrates the skin.
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