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Do you need help getting in touch with other agencies such as SC Works, Vocational Rehabilitation, DSS or others? CNAR-CS
Do you need help with transportation? (examples; to class, to work, or to the doctor's office)? If yes, please indicate which one. CNAR-TS
Do you need assistance with child care or dependent care? CNAR-CC *
Do you need assistance with housing? CNAR-HS *
Do you need any help with "needs-related" payments? (examples; food, electricity, phone, or medical ) CNAR-NR *
Do you need assistance with educational testing (GED or Career Readiness Certification)? CNAR-ET *
Do you need reasonable accommodations for a documented disability? (examples; extended time if you have a documented specific learning disability in Reading, or a calculator for a disability in Math) CNAR- RA *
Do you need a referral to a health care facility? CNAR-HC *
Do you need assistance with uniforms or any work attire or work-related tools, including eye glasses and protective gear? CNAR-WR *
Do you need assistance with books, fees, school supplies or other necessary items for students enrolled in post-secondary education classes? (examples; tuition at PTC or books at PTC) CNAR-PS *
Do you need help with payment or fees for employment and training, tests, or certifications? (examples; forklift training, truck driver training, or certified nursing assistance training) CNAR-TF *
Do you need help with expungements of a criminal record? *
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