Membership Pre-interview
Persephone National Park is a whitelist PVE/RP Rust server focused on the environmental and survival aspects of Rust, immersive gameplay, a respectful community, and creative exploration.

Please answer the following questions as a primer for your interview with a Park Ranger.

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Please review our server rules:
Golden Rule = Please be kind, respect one another and have fun!

• NO behavior approximating PVP
• NO Raiding, griefing, trolling, flaming, or harassment
• NO Looting survivors or their property
• NO Damage to survivor or admin-provided structures and/or property
• NO Unsolicited entry into others' private structures (excludes public structures open to all)
• NO Cheating or exploiting of any kind
• NO Spamming of chat or voice
• NO Defamatory, bigoted, phobic, or incendiary language of any kind over chat or voice, nor any in-game usernames or signage reflecting the same sentiment
• NO Impersonating an admin, moderator, or owner
• NO Excessive and/or redundant structures that may impose undue stress on the server

Also, and just as important, please respect everyone’s psychological boundaries, personal privacy and map proximity to one another. Don’t make it weird.

Is there any portion of our rules that may pose as an obstacle or inconvenience for your gaming experience? Do you have an objection or require clarification to any particular rule? *
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What type of PVE experience are you hoping for in Persephone National Park?
Feel free to tell us about previous experiences and what differences you're hoping for, or particular things you find appealing about PVE.
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Although RP is NOT required, attempts are appreciated and roles are encouraged.
If you choose to participate, what sort of RP role are you interested in playing within Persephone?
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Why Persephone National Park?
We understand that you only have limited knowledge on the specifics of Persephone at this point, but if you're filling out this pre-interview, you obviously posses a particular passion for a comfortable home for PVE. Taking into account our rules and any interaction you've had with our Rangers or members, think about why you were motivated to apply.
Tell us why you want to join our server and why you think it could be a good home for you: *
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Content Creators & Streamers
Are you a content creator on Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, or any other platform? *
If so, do you plan to spend any portion of your time in Persephone while live streaming or record your gameplay as a source for content?
You must have a working microphone to continue the interview process.
All interviews are conducted via voice channel on our Discord server ( w/ Persephone Park Rangers. You must be on the server and have a functioning microphone. We will schedule a day and time with you via Discord, based on the availability of our Rangers. We will DM you details when your interview is scheduled.
Are you able to participate in a voice interview? *
Thank you for your interest in Persephone National Park
We will get back to you as soon as possible. In the mean time, please join our Discord Server at
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