Volunteer Crossing Guard Training Test
This is a 15 question multiple choice and true/false format test. A passing grade is 80% (you can miss 3 questions). When you complete the test, press the "submit" button. A confirmation screen should appear. This test is graded by the Risk Management Department.
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Name of person taking test? *
School for which you are becoming a crossing guard? *
Colorado traffic law defines a "school crossing guard" as someone who "supervises, directs, monitors, or otherwise assists __________ at a street or intersection." *
To whom should the crossing guard report unsafe driving and inappropriate student behavior? *
Volunteer crossing guards acting within the scope of their duties are immune from liability under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act. *
Some of the criteria for the selection of JPS volunteer crossing guards is: (choose all that apply) *
Volunteer crossing guards who may be injured in the scope of their duties have medical insurance through: *
When can a cell phone be used while a Crossing Guard is on duty? *
What equipment should a crossing guard have with them daily? (choose all that apply) *
The crossing guard should signal a child who arrived late at the curb to join a group that is already crossing, so long as the group is not more than halfway across the street. *
Cars should not be parked within ___ feet of the crosswalk. *
When in the crosswalk, bicycles are vehicles and are subject to the same laws as cars. *
What expectations should be communicated to crossing groups? (choose all that apply) *
How is a "safe gap" created? (choose all that apply): *
Crossing guards have the authority to direct traffic. *
A flashing "Don't Walk" signal means that the pedestrian should: *
What steps should be taken in the event of an emergency? (choose all that apply) *
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