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Technical foul
Rules of conduct
The proper conduct of the game demands the full and loyal cooperation of the players, head coaches, assistant coaches, substitutes, excluded players and accom- panying delegation members with the referees, table officials and commissioner, if present.
Each team shall do its best to secure victory, but this must be done in the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play.
Any deliberate or repeated non-cooperation or non-compliance with the spirit and intent of this rule shall be considered as a technical foul.
The referees may prevent technical fouls by giving warnings or even overlooking minor infractions which are obviously unintentional and have no direct effect upon the game, unless there is repetition of the same infraction after the warning.
If an infraction is recognised after the ball becomes live, the game shall be stopped and a technical foul charged. The penalty shall be administered as if the technical foul had occurred at the time it is charged. Whatever occurred during the interval between the infraction and the game being stopped shall remain valid.
A technical foul is a player non-contact foul of a behavioural nature including, but not limited to:
• Disregarding warnings given by referees.
• Disrespectfully dealing and/or communicating with the referees, the commissio-
ner, the table officials, the opponents or persons permitted to sit on the team
• Using language or gestures likely to offend or incite the spectators.
• Baiting and taunting an opponent.
• Obstructing the vision of an opponent by waving/placing his hand(s) near his
• Excessive swinging of elbows.
• Delaying the game by deliberately touching the ball after it passes through the
basket or by preventing a throw-in or a free throw from being taken promptly.
• Fake being fouled.
• Hanging on the ring in such a way that the weight of the player is supported by
the ring, unless a player grasps the ring momentarily following a dunk shot or, in the judgement of a referee, is trying to prevent injury to himself or to another player.
• Goaltending during the last free throw by a defensive player. The offensive team shall be awarded 1 point, followed by the technical foul penalty charged on the defensive player.
A technical foul by any person permitted to sit on the team bench is a foul for disrespectfully communicating with or touching the referees, the commissioner, the table officials or the opponents, or an infraction of a procedural or an administrative nature.
A player shall be disqualified for the remainder of the game when he is charged with 2 technical fouls, or 2 unsportsmanlike fouls, or with 1 unsportsmanlike foul and 1 technical foul.
A head coach shall be disqualified for the remainder of the game when:
• He is charged with 2 technical fouls ('C') as a result of his personal unsports-
manlike behaviour.
• He is charged with 3 technical fouls, either all of them ('B') or one of them ('C'),
as a result of the unsportsmanlike behaviour of other persons permitted to sit on the team bench.
If a player or a head coach is disqualified under Art. 36.2.3 or Art. 36.2.4, that technical foul shall be the only foul to be penalised and no additional penalty for the disqualification shall be administered.
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