2023-05-22 My ViewPoint Survey
2023-05-22 My ViewPoint Survey
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Name a woman that other women are allowed to have a crush on without getting judged.
Now that the weather is nice outside, people are probably going to start spending a lot less time doing what?
Name an invention that’s led to a lot of deaths.
Name an item you might buy with your favorite sports team's logo.
Name an item/prop many magicians seem to use.
Name a crime that if you found out a person you dated had committed, you would feel is forgivable.
Name one company that used to have stores everywhere, but now thanks to the internet or some other form of tech has fewer and fewer locations every year.
Other than George Foreman, name a boxer that has been retired for a while.
Name a place you might go for a little quiet time.
Name a business that people will pass out flyers to promote.
Fill in the blanks. _________ Board.
Name a Sesame Street character.
Name something that describes beer.Name an animal that tastes delicious.
Name a John Travolta movie.
Name a word or phrase that can be used in place of vomit.
If you could buy any brand of sports car, what brand would it be?
Other than spaghetti/meatballs, name an item you'd expect to see on a menu at an Italian restaurant.
Name a reason you might light a candle.
Name a restaurant that is considered to be unhealthy.
Name something specific that needs to be rescheduled because of the rain.
Name a place where you'd get a tattoo that would be easy to conceal if needed.
Name a place you go that you might get a dirty look if you were being loud.
Name something someone without cooking skills might make.
Name a noise that might startle you.
Name something you memorized in school.
If you went to a multi day music festival, what might you not be looking forward to?
Other than credit cards, name a card that someone might carry in their wallet.
Name an Italian word most people are familiar with.
If you were asked in a job interview what's your biggest weakness, what would you say?
Name a famous person who died in 2022.
Name something other than a bed that you might provide a house guest that was staying for at least a week.
What age did you reach puberty?
Other than Rudolph, name a reindeer.
Finish this phrase. Chocolate Covered ________.
If you had the money to make one extravagant addition to you home, what would it be?
Name a profession that requires really good balance.
When you use the coffee machine, what’s one item you can expect to see nearby?
Name a side item you'd see under the "breakfast" menu.
Name a famous film director.
Name something a teenager might do that a parent would disapprove of.
Name something a burglar might break in to steal.
Name something that makes a cat happy.
Name something a man might do that isn't considered "manly".
Name an actress/actor that has the reputation of not being very nice.
Name an animal you often see darting out into the road.
Name something other than a cell phone that you want to try and keep charged.
Name a performer you'd hire for a child's birthday party.
Name a pop star that you hear about often in the media but you can honestly say you really don't know their music.
Name a drink you would see served at brunch.
Name an outdoor activity that you might get sun burned doing.

Name a drink you would see served at brunch.
Name a state people have issues with spelling.
When you go to the ice cream store, what’s one topping you have to get?
What's something you might see being towed when driving down the highway.
Name something you might see for sale on Facebook Market Place.
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