Clifton and Crescent Hill Traffic Safety Survey
The Clifton & Crescent Hill Community Councils care about the protection of our residents and want to ensure we are seeking to make the neighborhood safer for you and your families. We’ve received some feedback about traffic and road safety concerns in our neighborhood so have formed a joint committee to gather more information and insights into the level of concern you have so we can evaluate if there are any necessary changes or actions needed. Your input is very valuable to us so we are asking you to take a minute and participate in a brief survey (it is anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact information for further follow up). We appreciate you taking the time to help make our neighborhood safer!
How would you rate the level of PEDESTRIAN SAFETY in the Clifton/Crescent Hill area? (PEDESTRIANS includes anyone moving on foot.)
If you selected Often/frequently unsafe or Unsafe almost all the time for PEDESTRIANS, please tell us the locations of the areas you are concerned about (nearest intersection) and what solutions you would recommend to reduce the safety risk:
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How would you rate the level of VEHICLE/TRAFFIC SAFETY in the Clifton /Crescent Hill area? (VEHICLES include bicycles, cars, trucks and buses)
If you selected often/frequently unsafe or unsafe almost all the time for VEHICLES, please tell us the locations of the areas you are concerned about (nearest intersection) and what solutions would you recommend to reduce safety risk:
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Many Louisville neighborhoods have tried different solutions to make the streets safer for PEDESTRIANS and VEHICLES. If it was determined that one of the following solutions would significantly calm traffic, which would you be willing to see on your street? Please check all that apply.
Please finish this sentence: In a normal week, I regularly exceed the speed limit in my vehicle:
Please share any other comments about your views about traffic safety in the Clifton/Crescent Hill area:
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Please tell us where you live (no address needed)
How long have you lived in this neighborhood?
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