Anytown Delegate Leader Application
Job Description:

Delegate Leaders have the unique opportunity to receive mentorship and training that will prepare them with leadership and facilitation skills necessary to run NCCJ St. Louis curriculum and potentially return to Anytown as a Faculty Lead in the future. Delegate Leaders have the following responsibilities: engage with the Anytown curriculum as a participant, take the opportunity to continue their individual social justice journey, assist with program components throughout the Anytown Institute, model Institute guidelines and community norms, and be a peer mentor for first time delegates.

Who can apply to be a Delegate Leader?

Generally, only those who have attended Anytown as a delegate qualify to serve as a Delegate Leader. NCCJ St. Louis encourages people of all racial, religious, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, class, cultural, physical ability, and other identity groups to apply.


NCCJ values the time and experience of the youth who help bring its programs to life. Anytown Delegate Leaders gain training (valued at over $2,500), as well as practical experience leading a team to conduct a celebrated program that addresses diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. In addition, Delegate Leaders will receive a stipend of $350, as well as lodging, food, and mileage for duration of their service onsite.

Selection Process

If you are interested, please complete this application via Google Forms. Once all sections are complete, make a copy of the application for your own records and hit "submit".

***Applications are due on March 4th***

NCCJ St. Louis staff will reach out to qualified applicants for in-person and/or phone interviews in mid-March, with decision to follow soon after. If you want to ensure your application has been received, email Ro Kicker at, or call the office at (314) 432-2525 ext 103.

Important Information

The Anytown Youth Leadership Institute℠, a program of NCCJ St. Louis, is a unique residential program for high school age youth. Anytown’s goal is to prepare youth to become skilled change agents who will promote social justice and inclusive communities. Youth participate in experiential learning activities and dialogue sessions designed to increase their understanding of human relations issues and of their own responsibility to create a community based on inclusion, trust, and mutual respect.

* Anytown will enroll up to 50 students and take place on a college campus (TBD) , July 9th-14th.

* All Anytown Delegate Leaders are required to attend training beginning at 8am on July 8th, and then spend the night to be ready for the Delegate arrival on July 9th.

Many factors that go into the selection of Delegate Leaders. Among them is your experience with anti-oppression work both in and outside of Anytown℠ and the ALLY program, the identities that you hold, as well as the number of applicants that apply with your same identities.

It is important to remember that we receive many more applications than there are positions available, so please apply again for a future Anytown℠ role if for any reason you are not chosen to serve in this role.

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